Be the difference

in a fragile world.

11-14 DEC 2017


Children and families living in conflict zones, areas devastated by climate change, and urban poor communities are among the most vulnerable people in the world.

Over 60 million children and families have been forcibly ejected from their homes by conflict and strife. This is the largest number of refugees and displaced people since World War II.

More than 90 percent of disaster-related deaths occur in developing countries. Children living in poor remote areas with weak infrastructural safeguards and limited resources for recovery are at the greatest risk.

Over one billion children live in cities, millions of them in slum conditions. This leaves them vulnerable to crime, street violence, vice, trafficking, and hazardous forms of child labour.

Come interact with seasoned field practitioners and policy thinkers with first-hand experience of working in humanitarian and development settings, and embark on field visits to World Vision’s rural and urban projects to witness sustainable development in action. Find out how you can contribute to the wider effort to develop solutions for the world’s most pressing problems, and become part of an international community of cause-driven Youth For Change.



11-14 December 2017

Yangon, Myanmar


Fee per registrant


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10 DEC

International participants arrive in Yangon and settle in

11 DEC

• Keynote Address: The State of Fragility: 2017 – 2030

• Behind-the-scenes visit to the National Office of World Vision Myanmar

• Culture Night

12 DEC

A day of dialogue sessions and seminars on a range of development-related themes, including:

• Conflict and Insecurity: Peacebuilding as a Humanitarian Solution

• Climate Change and Instability: Enhancing the Resilience of Fragile Communities

• Building Safe and Just Cities: The Role of Youth in Innovative Approaches

• Human-centred Design: Engineering Solutions for the Poor

• Sustainable Development from the Ground Up

• The Volunpreneur Way: Catalysing Talents and Skills for Impactful Change

and more

Evening tour of Yangon city centre

13 DEC

• A day of field visits to World Vision’s rural and urban projects in the Yangon region

Hear from One of You: First-hand accounts from young change-makers

14 DEC

• In Closing: How Much Can Young People Really Do?

• International participants depart from Yangon


Group discounts available.

Meet Our Speakers

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Suresh Bartlett

National Director

World Vision Myanmar

Dr. Kathryn Taetzsch

Director, Humanitarian Response & Private Sector Partnerships

World Vision Global Humanitarian Operations/

Global Rapid Response Team

Giovana Beltrao

Urban Programming Advisor

World Vision South Asia

& Pacific Regional Office

Su Zun Mon

Senior Product Designer

Proximity Designs

Darrel Lim

Director, Strategic Partnership

National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Jefferson Lee

Director of Philanthropy, Asia
World Vision International


“Extreme poverty has a child’s face. The majority of populations in fragile states are made up of youth… Our call to help the most vulnerable children in fragile states has never been clearer.”

Jonathan Papoulidis

Executive Advisor on Fragile States

World Vision International


Tell me more about World Vision.

World Vision is an international non-governmental organisation working in poverty-stricken communities in aid of vulnerable children and families. We work in close to 100 countries around the world, and offer aid to all based on need, regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity. Through a combination of relief, development, and advocacy projects, World Vision works in partnership with disadvantaged communities to tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice, thereby enabling them to reach their full potential. Our programmes address a range of essential needs which have a critical bearing on the livelihoods of the poor. These needs include:

How is the YFCC connected to World Vision’s mission?

We believe in the potential of youth to contribute to our mission to lift children and their families out of poverty and into lives of dignity and independence. To empower purpose-driven youth to be the change they wish to see, we run a range of programmes, such as the YFCC, to:

• Enhance understanding of poverty-related issues

• Encourage the development of an inclusive, global outlook

• Nurture empathy and compassion for the challenges faced by poor and vulnerable communities

This year, the YFCC will pay special attention to the needs of children and families living in fragile contexts affected by conflict, insecurity, climate change, and urban poverty. The theme of fragility is highly topical, as fragile settings are rapidly becoming ground zero for extreme poverty.

What costs do the conference fees cover?

Conference fees take into account the cost of all programme activities, as well as essential amenities for the duration of the conference, including accommodation, meals, and ground transport within Myanmar. Conference fees do not include the cost of air travel to and from Myanmar, visa applications, or travel insurance.

Who can join the YFCC?

Participants should be:

•Aged 17 and above.

•Comfortable learning and communicating in English, which will be the language of instruction.

•Physically able to attend visits to rural and urban project sites in the Yangon region.

•Able to commit to the full duration of the programme.

Who will be attending the YFCC?

Participants will come from a range of different countries where World Vision works.

Where will participants be based over the course of the conference?

Participants will be staying in Yangon city. All conference activities will take place in the Yangon region.

If I would like more information, whom should I contact?


If you would like more information, you are welcome to drop us a message at


“We hope that youth will get a vision for what is possible, develop a passion to make change, and be gripped by the conviction that they need to act… Because history tells us that change comes through youth.”

Jason Evans

National Director

World Vision Cambodia and Laos

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Check out our video resources below for an introduction to some of the themes that the Youth For Change Conference will explore.

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